Life Coaching For Parents

If you’re struggling to manage and balance your life now that you have a high need child, it might be possible that you have to work on yourself. Prioritizing your emotional health can uplevel your life and the lives of those around you. If you’re feeling alone and confused, I’ve got you.

Do You Want to Be the Type of Person

Who Has a Life Even Though You Have Challenges? If You Answered Yes, You've Come to the Right Place

You are feeling overwhelmed taking care of your child, and other areas of your life are taking a back seat. You are feeling alone and like no one understands. In trying so hard to support someone else, you feel like you are losing a part of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Through coaching, you can adopt a mindset where your life is strengthened by its challenges, becoming more resilient in the process. Your life does not have to stop because you have a child that requires help. I can give you the tools to enjoy your life regardless of the circumstance.

What Should I Expect in the Free Mini-Session?

During your free mini-session, we will talk about what challenges you’re facing and what you’d like to achieve through coaching. I will teach you the coaching model and why it’s so effective in making positive changes in your life. Through active listening I will show you your mind and help you identify areas to work on to uplevel your life. After your first mini-session you will be excited and pumped up to make positive changes in your life.

What Next?

I would love to be your partner and guide teaching you the tools used to create a life that’s full of joy and meaning even though it’s not the life you expected. You will be empowered and excited to set forth on your new path! Click below to sign up for your mini-session!


Real Clients

Jill is an experienced empathetic listener with the ability to connect with both children and adults. She has a long history of helping the parents of the children for whom she has provided therapy. She will help you live your best life while you raise your children.


If you’re finding yourself unable to get through the day because of all that’s going on, look no further.  Jill has all the tools necessary to help you and your family get out of your rut and live the best life you can.


Jill has a gentle presence that puts me at ease. It was very easy for her to help me understand what it was that was holding me in a state where I was so uncomfortable for so long. She helped me understand and figure out how to move forward instead of turning my wheels in the past.


Is Coaching Worth It?

Feeling unsure if you’re up for this? I understand! Coaching can bring up all emotions both positive and negative. Processing your emotions is the first step to feeling more calm and centered. Understanding your thoughts and if they serve you also helps.

Once you are aware of your feelings and thoughts, you have the power to challenge them and decide if they serve you or if gradually looking at things from a different lens might help. Think of it like cleaning the cobwebs out of your mind.

Coaching will not change your life circumstances but it will change your thoughts and feelings along with how you relate to them for the better. It would be my honor to be your partner in this journey.