How to combat overwhelm when you have a child with special needs

No matter how challenging your situation, you can create a more peaceful life. Click below for my free guide on conquering overwhelm as the parent of a special needs child.


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Jill is an experienced empathetic listener with the ability to connect with both children and adults. She has a long history of helping the parents of the children for whom she has provided therapy. She will help you live your best life while you raise your children.


If you’re finding yourself unable to get through the day because of all that’s going on, look no further.  Jill has all the tools necessary to help you and your family get out of your rut and live the best life you can.


Jill has a gentle presence that puts me at ease. It was very easy for her to help me understand what it was that was holding me in a state where I was so uncomfortable for so long. She helped me understand and figure out how to move forward instead of turning my wheels in the past.


My name is Jill Miller and I am a parent just like you

I am also a life coach and pediatric occupational therapist. From years of experience working with children and parents, I know firsthand what it’s like to raise a child who needs a lot of attention. Many parents of the children I take care of feel overwhelmed, isolated, and confused about how to create a meaningful life. They desperately want to feel better and don’t know how. Through my work as a life coach and occupational therapist, I discovered tools to help them live an intentional life on their own terms while parenting their child with special needs. I can help guide you toward living a meaningful and joyful life even though it’s not the life you originally envisioned.

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Create a more peaceful life and conquer overwhelm with this free guide

In this guide, you’ll learn how to combat overwhelm when you have a special needs child. It’s a preview of one of the many tools I have to share with you. I know it will help!

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